About Baby Classes

We are Ireland’s only baby class directory, created by parents for parents.

Who are We

Hi, I am Gillian, and this is my husband Damien and son Senan. In December 2019, we moved back to Ireland after a few years in London, and quickly discovered how difficult it was to find local mum and baby classes.

We soon set out to create Ireland’s only online directory dedicated to classes for parents, parents-to-be, babies and toddlers.

We are proud to bring you, busy parents and professionals together quickly and easily so you can book and start your classes as soon as possible. We hope you find all that you are looking for and enjoy many happy, healthy fun classes for you and your baby.

Our Story

After Senan was born I really struggled to find local baby classes for us to go to and figured there must be an easier way.

After speaking to fellow (frustrated) parents and baby class providers I decided to set up a website where parents could easily search and book the best baby classes in their area.

Hey presto baby classes was born!

Our hope

We believe that it should be easy for busy parents to find resources for their well-being before and after the arrival of their baby or for their growing little one.

From the moment you discover you are expecting, all the way through to your little one’s second birthday, baby classes has the perfect classes to help you navigate these precious days.

We have antenatal classes to help you and your partner during your pregnancy and labour; pregnancy fitness, yoga and Pilates classes, and classes to help both your body and mind relax during pregnancy.

Once your little one is here we have classes to help you recover and regain your strength; classes to help promote bonding with your little one; classes to help your little one develop their curiosity and skills, and classes for you and your partner to learn new parenting skills.

With over 100 classes to choose from, we hope you can easily discover and book the perfect class for you and your little one!

Baby Classes Review

"Really excited for this! ❤️ Great opportunity for us teachers and such a handy resource for parents! I remember being on Maternity leave and trawling through Facebook groups trying to find classes and things to do with my baby, this will be so much more convenient 🙌🏻❤️" - Mel, owner of Babygra.ie

"As a first time mum, I'm really looking forward to using the Platform! No more scrolling through social media or googling classes online, it will be fantastic to be able to find out about classes both in my area and online that I'd like to try with my little girl, all with the click of a button!" - Emily, mum to Aly