How To Become A Listed Teacher

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Step One

Choose one of our exclusive packages.

Select the subscription type that works best for your business.


Step Two

Create your account by clicking here.

Once you have access to your private and secure Portal, you can enter all your details to create your teacher profile. Don’t forget to add your bio, photos, and social links.

Step Three

Set up a , or connect an existing account to the baby classes platform.

Step Four

Add your classes by going to the Add A Class page on your Portal, and fill in the details of your upcoming classes.

You will be able to amend or edit these whenever you wish.

Step Five

Manage all your bookings, access your Stripe account and review all your statistics from your profile dashboard in your Portal.

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Baby Classes Review

"Really excited for this! ❤️ Great opportunity for us teachers and such a handy resource for parents! I remember being on Maternity leave and trawling through Facebook groups trying to find classes and things to do with my baby, this will be so much more convenient 🙌🏻❤️" - Mel, owner of

"As a first time mum, I'm really looking forward to using the Platform! No more scrolling through social media or googling classes online, it will be fantastic to be able to find out about classes both in my area and online that I'd like to try with my little girl, all with the click of a button!" - Emily, mum to Aly